Hunting in Warroad Offers Varieties of Game

Use Warroad as your base camp and within 30 miles you’ll have access to all the hunting opportunities you could ever hope for. The main draw that brings people to our region includes the vast amount of public access land that is available to anyone, anytime. You’ll find a variety of game, the most common being deer, bear, grouse, ducks, and geese.

Our deer are the large-bodied deer that are typically associated with Canadian provinces. Bucks weighing typically 200-250 lbs. are not uncommon.

Because of Warroad’s location on the Canadian border, bear hunting is popular because of the accessibility to the no quota zone, enabling hunters to purchase a license over the counter locally instead of applying for one in advance.

Hunters traditionally have great success with the geese during our early season due to the abundance of Canadian geese on Lake of the Woods and the big lake has a reputation as a classic “diver lake” With the vast shoreline, Lake of the Woods is an ideal habitat for the Diver duck. Duck hunting season typically runs from the end of September through the middle of November. Visit the Minnesota DNR website for more information on waterfowl hunting. and grouse hunting.

Remember, with Warroad as your base camp, you’ll have access to all of the hunting equipment, lodging, dining and entertainment that you need.

If you’d like assistance planning your outdoor adventures, please inquire locally.

Find more information by downloading the official Minnesota Hunting and Trapping Regulations Handbook on the Minnesota DNR website.

Local Conservation Officers

Jeff Birchem (LOW) 218-783-2521

Larry Milbridge (WRD/ANGLE) 218-386-3973

Ben Huener (ROS) 218-232-2892

Robert Gorecki (BAUDETTE) 218-634-1424.

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