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Ice Fishing Report | January 2022

Lake of the Woods Fishing Report Jan. 2022

Lake of the Woods Ice fishing report courtesy of Springsteel Resort.
“We have our ice road plowed out past Buffalo Point nearly to Whiskey flats. Basically, the whole length of the road is fishable but the best depths this early January has been 22-26 ft. With walleye sauger and perch being caught it seems like the standard Lake of the Woods hooks are working. Anything with gold on it and some glows like red or green. Fatheads and shiners are the most common bait that are being used. Currently, there is 16-18 inches of ice with 6-10 inches of snow cover.”

Looking to catch that trophy walleye or monster pike on Lake of the Woods? Check out our fishing page to learn more about ice fishing from Warroad or request lodging dates on our lodging availability page.

Photo credit: Springsteel Resort