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Lake of the Woods Fishing Report | July 7, 2022

Lake of the Woods Fishing Report courtesy of The Woods Goods.

“This high water sure has the shorelines looking a lot different. Finding a sand bay to fish in will be difficult unless you know it’s there from previous years or pick up a Garmin live scope or other sonar right here at The Woods!

My best luck with walleye fishing has been on mid-lake reefs and shorelines in 19-24 feet of water. Have even got on a few schools of nice perch for a few bonus fish for the live well. 22.6ft has been my sweet spot. What depth has been working best for you? Don’t overlook the shallow weed lines either. Been having some luck catching some nice weed line walleyes.

The bass continues to move up shallow. Want to catch multiple species? Pro tip: Throw on a mepps and cast some shorelines that have a nice structure to them. Mepps are a great search bait for all species up shallow. Walleye, bass, pike, and musky have all eaten my Mepps this week.

The muskies have been on and off depending on the day. But that is pretty typical for this time of year and just musky fishing in general. Some are still out deep, some are up shallow in the weeds. Most of them are spawned out as the water temps are rising. Still can be hard to find that 70-degree water temp but it’s getting there. Spinner baits in the weeds and something that gets down a bit deeper on the rocks has been my go-to.

The high water has been harsh on almost every dock up here and even some cabins. But it does seem to be plateauing the last few days. Let’s cross our fingers that it continues to do so.

Angle Outpost, Youngs Bay, Sunset Lodge, Sportsman’s Oak, and Jerry’s bar and restaurant have all been working hard to keep the doors open and accommodate their guests. We appreciate that!”