Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Report | January 2020

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Arnesen’s Resort, Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Report:

Rocky Point guide, Joe Fish, reports the bite on beautiful Lake of the Woods “has been good in the areas we are fishing. It does take a little work getting fish to commit to biting, but when you get them hooked up, we’re seeing eater sauger and some nice walleye. A majority of our houses are in 27-31 ft. on shoreline breaks and the edges of reefs. Red, pink and firetiger orange have been the colors of choice for several groups. Electronics are very helpful. The ice conditions are good in our area. Our houses are spread out for 10 miles and are constantly on the move to find fish. Best of luck!”

Photo credit: Arnesen’s Resort

Flag Island Resort, Lake of the Woods, NW Angle Reports:

“We are finding that walleye and saugers are in depths between 22 and 32 feet at 33 degrees. Fish are moving more towards the edges of the reefs. Guides and guests have been using flyers, pink and gold jigs, or anything that flashes or makes noise catches the attention of the fish. Some additional comments from our guide: It works well to bounce the bait on the bottom and bring it up about 2 feet and repeat, some even saying doing it aggressively is working best.
Until next week, good luck fishing!”
Guide Mick Messelt
, Flag Island Resort

“Walleye and saugers have been caught between 23 and 30 feet of water. Fish seem to be located on reefs just on the break line.  We have noticed that the fish are starting to produce eggs. We have noticed that a plain red hook with a lively minnow has been working, same as buckshots and flyers on the jigging rod. We recommend a glow red. Additional comments: Don’t be afraid to jig them up!
Until next week, good luck fishing!”
Guide Matt Hendry, Flag Island Resort

Borderview Lodge Reports:

“Mixed bags have been the common theme. The bite has been somewhat in spurts, those aggressively working the water column are having more success. We are having a mix of sizes, but are still having a large number of small ones, bring them up slow.

We progress North and are past the 10 miles from Pine Island mark. 32 feet area. Bring the normal Lake of the Woods tools in the tackle box, but make certain you have a good one for making noise and can aggressively jig the water column with it. Noise has been a good attractant to the dead stick bite.

Mild forecast for the week ahead. Looks like we should have the temps above zero all week. South wind for a few days. Strange for January.”

Special thanks to our Chamber members for sending their fishing reports.

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