Opening Spring 2019 | Lake of the Woods Brewing Company

 In Warroad

Warroad Minnesota to be the future site of new brewery and tasting room.

Lake of the Woods Brewing Company is proud to announce they are bringing craft beer back to (all of) Lake of the Woods, with a new brewery and tasting room opening in Warroad Minnesota, spring of 2019.

The original Lake of the Woods Brewing Company opened in 1898 in downtown Kenora Ontario Canada – along the north shore of Lake of the Woods in boundary waters territory. The Brewery thrived until 1954, when it was forced to close its doors due to consolidation and the emergence of large national breweries. With the re-opening of Lake of the Woods Brewing Company in Kenora in 2013, the goal was get craft beer into the hands of everyone on the Lake – both north and south of the 49th Parallel.

Now; five years later; construction has begun on a new brewery in Warroad Minnesota. The brewery will be located in downtown Warroad at 112 Main Avenue Northwest in the town’s old fire hall, a stone’s throw from the Warroad River and Lake of the Woods. The brewery is scheduled to be open in spring of 2019 and will be Minnesota’s northernmost brewery.

Lake of the Woods Brewing Company is excited to have partnered with local Minnesotan Eric Nerland to make this project happen. We all look forward to making great craft beer for the North – in both Canada and the United States.

“We want to service the lake and the lake is touched and surrounded by Minnesota, Manitoba and Ontario,” says Taras Manzie, President & CEO. “That’s sort of our wheelhouse. That’s our backyard. That’s where we’ll play and operate and work to develop communities.”

Look for Lake of the Woods Brewing Company opening soon on the south shore of the Lake: local craft, with local ownership – employing local brewers making small batch beer using regional ingredients; northern Minnesota proud!

“We are so excited to be bringing the Lake of the Woods Brewing Company history, brand and quality craft beer to Minnesota,” says Eric Nerland, President (U.S. Division). “Great times ahead for years to come! Cheers!”

Photo and article credit: Lake of the Woods Brewing Company

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