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Calling All Hockey Day MN Fans

Hockey Day MN Fans

If there’s ever been a time to venture next to the Canadian border, this. Is. It!

Whether you’re a hockey fan or not, you’re not going to wanna miss this event. There will be something for everyone. And you don’t have to be outside all the time. There are activities in the Village as well as plenty to see. But don’t forget the rest of the town. 

Outdoor Activities

Hockey Village: The heart of the event, featuring the “Outlaw Rink” fthat allows the public to skate (with a helmet) during Hockey Day.  There’s also a mini skating path; a mini version of Warroad’s famous Riverbend Skating Path.  Northern Toboggan will be there with their hand-crafted wood toboggans for sledders to enjoy down a fun sledding hill.  The Hockeytown Lodge is a large, heated entertainment tent with food, drinks, vendors, and nightly music entertainment. There are fun igloos (not heated) and fire pits scattered throughout the Village.

Riverbend Skating Path: The iconic 5.5-mile natural ice rink along the Warroad River is accessible at Doc’s Harbor Inn. Skate rentals are available.

Still want more? 

You can make your way across the tracks for more fun. Enter our cozy downtown main street. We have shopping, food, and entertainment. 

  • Floral and gifts shops
  • Places to get your Hockey Day or HockeytownUSA gear & Lake of the Woods apparel
  • Find the trinkets you can only find in Warroad
  • Grab a brew name after Lake of the Woods at Lake of the Woods Brewery…the Northern-most Brewery in the contiguous U.S. 

Speaking of, they have something up their sleeve, too, and it’s a must-see! 

There will also be a Mug Walk. Bring your mug downtown and you will be able to get hot chocolate fixins from numerous restaurants. Stop in and shop for a while to check out the merchandise and warm yourself. 

There are ice sculptures placed throughout town to enjoy. Town will be your place to get on the skating path. You may enter the famous River Bend Skate Path by Doc’s Harbor Inn and enjoy their skating rink & rent skates from them. You can also gain access by Lake of the Woods Brewery.

Come hungry. 

We have a coffee shop that has everything from breakfast and lunch to apparel, to custom engraved gifts.  It’s more than any coffee shop you’ve seen, it’s LOW! 

Are you looking for pizza? We have a variety of pizza joints to satisfy almost any tastebud. 

Our local American Legion is knocking out ribs and prime rib specials Friday and Saturday night and they are delicious. Have a big group or team event? They can help with that too! 

Springsteel Resort and Summit 49 at the Hampton Inn are both doing breakfast buffets. 

Check Joe’s Place for breakfast off the menu. Menus of the local restaurants and their hours will be available on our website and at the Village at the VisitWarroad tent.  Come and see us!