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Ice & Fishing Report

Arnesens fishing lake of the woods

1/16/24 Fishing Report

Fishing report courtesy of Arnesens Resort

Here’s the latest update from Captain Tim “Wingnut” Hill. We’re in the process of checking ice and staking trails for safety as the lake still has areas of thin ice. The cold snap is finally helping, but safety is #1 for our crew. The ice team is working on getting sleeper fish houses out and we’re also checking thin spots farther out so we can hopefully get to some of our normal fishing areas. Fishing is a little spotty, but with limited depths and areas to fish that is going to happen. Working the bottom jigging seems to attract fish and gets ‘em going. Glow pink, red and wonderbread seem to be better. As I write this, we are trying to get to more areas to fish. Thanks for your patience! – Wingnut

1/10/24 Ice Update

A recap of the last week from Springsteel Resort.

“Last week Wednesday we posted pictures of open water. That area appeared to cap off Thursday and then on Saturday we got 3 or so inches of snow. So today we went and checked out the area that was open last week. There was 8-10 inches of good ice out to 18ft of water then we got into the area that was open. There is some rough patching ice with a crack running down the middle of it. The ice in this was 4-5 inches with some spots of very poor ice….thin ice that sank from the weight of the snow and then froze. I definitely wouldn’t recommend any wheeled traffic in this area. It needs some more time to make ice. The temps for the next 7 days look great for making ice.”

Springsteel Resort is not sure what ice conditions are further south in front of the Warroad River.

Photos courtesy of Arnesen’s Resort