Ice Road & Fishing Report | March 8, 2018

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Springsteel Resort Ice Report
We missed out on all the snow from Monday but we did get the wind. There was some drifting but we were able to plow the road open again on Tuesday. The road is still open to whiskey flats with no bridges to cross. As of today, there hasn’t been any ice shifting but that could change with warmer temps in the forecast.

Fishermen going after pike haven’t had any issues getting off the road and driving up to Elm Pt or the bay and lakeshore south of the resort.

Springsteel Resort Fishing Report
Fishing has been decent. The walleye aren’t really active but they are catching, just not as consistent as we would like. We did have a group keep 15 yesterday and tossed back many smaller fish so hopefully that a sign of things going in the right direction.

Depths have really varied depending on the times of the day. Most people are still in that 25 to 29ft. Pike fishing is still a little sporadic too. People are getting them shallow and deeper but just not in numbers yet. The warmer temps coming should start luring them in soon.

Good luck fishing this weekend and be safe on the lake!!

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Springsteel Resort fishing report