Lake of the Woods Ice Report

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Lake of the Woods ice conditions courtesy of Springsteel Resort

12/16/2020 Ice Update
“We’ve had some cold temps, snow and wind the last few days which has caused some moving of the ice sheets on the lake. The snow we got last night has shown us where the new opens spots are.

We have plenty of ice inside these areas for pike fishing with atvs but still don’t have enough ice to cross these areas safely for walleye. Not sure how much it will change by the weekend with another mild temperature week ahead.

We will keep you posted but it’s not looking good for atvs to try and cross this week.”

12/14/2020 Ice Report
“Not much has changed since last report. About 10 inches of ice in the bay area…so pike fishing only right now. Last nights winds blew open some areas on the lake again. Hopefully the colder temps today will help in making some ice.”

12/11/2020 Ice Report
We still have open water to the south of the resort and running along the shoreline going north.

Tip up and spear fishing in the bay has been good but unfortunately ice conditions have kept us from being able to do any kind of walleye fishing.

Colder temps in the forecast. It will take some time to get safe ice but we will keep you posted!!

12/8/2020 Ice Report
As of now there is 8-10 inches in the bay south of the resort. It’s shallow water so it’s more of a pike spot. Other than that we don’t have safe ice for walleye yet. The lake was open last Sunday then closed back up and now over night a river of open water showed up this morning. With a couple more days of above freezing temps I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets worse before it gets better. Looks like we are at least into next week before things shape up.


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