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Lake of the Woods Ice Safety

Ice thinkness

Before we know it the lake will freeze and it won’t be long until ice fishing houses are available to rent from area resorts creating a snowy village on the icy surface of Lake of the Woods.

It’s crucial to recognize that ice conditions can vary across different parts of the lake. Before heading out ice fishing, please check with your resort or guide to make sure ice conditions are safe. As a reminder from the MN Department of Natural Resources…

4”- Safe for Ice Fishing on Foot
5”- Safe for Snowmobile or ATV
8-10” – Safe for Car
12-15” – Safe for Medium Truck

Warroad, the only U.S. port on Lake of the Woods in winter is a spectacular destination for those seeking the thrill of ice fishing, snowmobiling, and winter exploration. However, the key to a memorable and safe experience lies in understanding and respecting the frozen environment. By staying informed, following safety guidelines, and using common sense, visitors can enjoy all that this frozen wonderland has to offer while ensuring their well-being on the ice.

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