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Lake of the Woods Ice Update

lake of the woods ice update

Winter has cast an icy spell on the Warroad River and Lake of the Woods, creating a picturesque landscape.


Earlier this month, the ice formation on the Warroad River and Lake of the Woods was a sight to behold—smooth and promising. Enthusiasts even took advantage of these frozen conditions, venturing out from the Point in Warroad to enjoy some sunny days of ice fishing.

However, nature is dynamic, and winter is no exception. Warm days intervened, causing a partial thaw. The once smooth skating surface along the river became a testament to the unpredictable nature of winter weather.

As if that weren’t enough, the recent weather rollercoaster took a more dramatic turn. Rainfall and heavy snowfall descended upon the already delicate ice, creating a delicate balance between beauty and fragility. 

The combined forces of rain, snow, and wind proved to be formidable adversaries for the ice. Notably, the wind played a particularly disruptive role, causing the ice to pile up in unpredictable formations. 

As we continue to make hard ice, it’s essential for everyone to exercise caution. The seemingly solid ice may hide vulnerabilities beneath its surface. No adventure on frozen waters is without risk, and being mindful of the conditions is key.

Stay safe, check with your local guide or resort for the most current ice conditions, and may ice fishing on Lake of the Woods be in your future.