Fishing only gets better as the weather warms. Walleyes and saugers dominate the summer months, with northern pike, bass and large perch also doing well, mucky lover, this season is for you!

  • Popular walleye tactics include trolling crankbaits, spinners, dragging bottom bouncers, and vertical jigging (jigs or Jigging Raps).
  • Pike chase Husky Jerks, big spinnerbaits, and glide baits.
  • Bass will hit small cranks, tubes, and jerk baits, plus service lures.

South Shore & Muskeg Bay

Excellent fishing abounds on the south side of Lake of the Woods. Arnesen’s Rockey Point & Springsteel Resort & Marina on Muskeg Bay provides full-service charter fishing and all the amenities you need.


Charter boats are ready to take small, medium or large groups on Lake of the Woods. Guides know where to go and are fully equipped with everything you need to catch that trophy walleye. Fishing for bass and pike near weed beds that stretch from shore provided endless opportunities. Your guide will help you and your crew find hotspots on the Lake of the Woods. Many charters include a shore lunch.