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Thanksgiving in Warroad

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Warroad is the place to be.

Imagine a Thanksgiving vacation in a charming town nestled on the Canadian border in Northern Minnesota. A town where nature’s beauty meets small-town charm.

Your journey begins as you traverse scenic roads, flanked by towering pine trees and the occasional glimpse of a pristine lake. Northern Minnesota’s landscapes, adorned with a blanket of snow, create a picturesque setting that sets the stage for a memorable Thanksgiving getaway. Whether you’re driving through snow-covered forests or winding your way along the shores of frozen lakes, the journey itself becomes an integral part of the experience.

These accommodations provide a perfect retreat, inviting you to unwind and embrace the holiday spirit.

    • Doc’s Harbor is located along the river and gives you your own space to enjoy. It gives you the at-home feel.
    • The Can Am Inn is located in a convenient downtown location with cozy rooms and friendly staff.
    • The Hampton Inn features a large bar in their lobby to watch the Thanksgiving Football games.

Check out the local shops in Warroad for your Christmas shopping needs.

  • Stop by The Plaid Walleye to see what local artists are creating.
  • Swing into Bloomin’ Creations for great gift ideas.
  • Then over to Annie’s Trading Post for everything under the sun…great apparel items, gift ideals, home décor, holiday gifts, shoes, and great deals.
  • Don’t forget about Warroad Threads where you can pick up the latest HockeytownUSA gear or check off the Christmas list with Hockey Day MN Gear.
  • Derby Tickets make great stocking stuffers and will be available at many local busineses

For those seeking a more active Thanksgiving, Northern Minnesota has a plethora of outdoor activities to offer. Depending on the weather, you might embark on a cross-country skiing or snowshoeing adventure through snow-covered trails. Alternatively, if the lakes are frozen, ice fishing becomes a popular pastime. 

Before heading back home, make plans to attend the 7th Annual Light Up The Holidays event. On Saturday, Nov. 25 head to Allison Park for hot chocolate and cookies, see Santa, and watch the park light up with Christmas lights.

In the midst of the serene landscapes and a welcoming community, a Thanksgiving vacation in Northern Minnesota provides the ideal environment for reflection and gratitude. Take a moment to step outside, breathe in the crisp air, and appreciate the simple joys that surround you. Whether it’s the sight of snowflakes gently falling or the warmth of a crackling fire, Warroad offers the perfect backdrop for expressing thanks.